General Meeting   Date: 6 February 2019, 9:30am, Filesize: 184mb Download Meeting


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  • 1 Declaration of Opening
  • 2 Record of Attendance and Leave of Absence
  • 3 Devotional Segment
  • 4 Declaration of Material Personal Interest or Conflict of Interest on any Items of Business
  • 5 Recognition of Achievement
  • 6 Receipt and Confirmation of Minutes
  • 7 Matters Outstanding from Previous Council Meeting Minutes
  • 7.1 Petition from Residents Requesting Council Include Anti-Social Behaviour in POL-3085 Security Camera Policy, for the Safety of the Redlands Community
  • 7.2 Notice of Motion – Cr Boglary– POL-3085 Security Camera Policy
  • 7.3 Opportunity to Participate in a Joint Local Government Activity - Regional Approach totaste and Resource Management
  • 8 Public Participation
  • 9 Petitions and Presentations
  • 10 Motion to Alter the Order of Business
  • 11 Reports from the Office of the CEO
  • 12 Reports from Organisational Services
  • 13 Reports from Community & Customer Services
  • 13.1 Decisions Made under Delegated Authority for Category 1, 2 and 3 Development Applications
  • 13.2 List of Development and Planning Related Court Matters Current as at 16 January 2019
  • 14 Reports from Infrastructure & Operations
  • 15 Mayoral Minute
  • 16 Notices of Motion to Repeal or Amend a Resolution
  • 17 Notices of Motion
  • 18 Urgent Business Without Notice
  • 19 Confidential Items
  • 19.1 Sale of Land for Overdue Rate and Charges
  • 19.2 Land Tenure Actions, North Stradbroke Island
  • 19.3 Cleveland Centre Traffic and Transport Strategy
  • 19.4 Commonwealth Land Birkdale WƵƌĐŚĂƐĞEĞŐŽƚŝĂƚŝŽŶƐ
  • 19.5 Edwards & Edwards v Redland City Council - P&E Court Appeal 461/2018 (MCU013977 Material Change of Use for an Undefined Use [Rooming Accommodation] at 41 Zeigenfusz Road, Thornlands)
  • 19.6 Request for Delegated Authority to Chief Executive Officer for Dredging Works PDG 10911(SP1) & PDG 30019 (SP2)
  • 19.7 Collins Street and School of Arts Road Upgrade Project
  • 19.8 Delegated Authority - Preferred Supplier/s for Water and Sewerage Reticulation Maintenance Tender: T-1860-18/19-RWW
  • 20 Meeting Closure
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